New Album “Circles” released! Some different style…

I’m happy to tell you that I just released my very new album “Circles”.

I tried to combine pop and rock elements (a-guitar and e-guitar, drums), classical elements (piano, strings) and electronic elements (synthesizer, beats) in one album and even in single songs. Doing so, the songs finally have a very unique sound you maybe first have to get used to, but actually they are quite easy listening. The basics of each song are several loops with beats, guitar riffs and other melodic parts of the piano, strings or synthesizers. These basics are filled with a leading melody line on the guitar or piano or with a leading riff. But all words fail to describe any music, so please listen to it and leave some feedback!

By the way I want to thank Dagmar Tutte. I took the picture on the cover during our last shooting, so thanks to her for the great model job she did :)

Enjoy listening! Alex Franke.

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This blog has moved…

…and can now fe found at
That new blog contains of art in general, such as photography, writing, several graphic works and – of course – my piano music.
Hope to see you there, tell your friends about it and leave some comments =D
Regards from Berlin, Germany
Alex Franke.

A new album, a “New World”…just released.

There it is! My new album can be downloaded now:

It took me quite a long time to finish this new work. On the one hand I just finished my Bachelor degree which took a lot of time, and on the other hand I just tried to keep the level of the songs high. I was really happy after recording the first songs, because they sounded exactly how I want my songs to sound like. But then the actual challenge began. I didn’t want to fill up the album with tracks that sound “okay”. My target was to create an very consistent album were each song sounds like one of the first tracks on it, which are heard most. With that in mind I tried to step off my old shemes and create new harmonies, melodies and arrangements.

As usual, please tell me what you think! Post a comment here, leave a review at the albums page and tell your friends about my music (in case you liked it =D).

Regards from the man on the piano, Alexander Franke.

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“Echoes And Frames” – back to the piano.

Well, what should I say. Here it is, my very new album. And you maybe found out yet that it contains just piano (except the last track…=D). So for all those, who like solo piano, this one is the right one. By the way, this is the largest album I’ve ever published.

As usual, it is a trip through many different places, sounds, pictures. It about the echoes left in our ears and the frames that keep our reminder of the things we saw. As you know from the former posts, I give you a hint for this album: Wait for a calm hour, make coffee, sit down and relax and then press the play button and enjoy it. Of course you are very welcome to leave a comment here in my blog or you write a review and mark my work.

I hope my plan will be successful =D

Alex Franke.

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Want to fly’way?

…here you go! Check out my very new album “FlyWay”. This time I didn’t focus on solopiano, but on Guitar, Synthesizer and Drums.

Since I am the lead guitarist in my quite new band BANDRAUSCHen (, I sometimes spend some thoughts to demotapes which will maybe become BANDRAUSCHen songs in future.

I mixed up some different styles, different instrumentation and arrangement. So after downloading and/or listening tell me how you like it, what you noticed positive, what negative, and visit our band website, where you’ll also find links to MySpace, Facebook and YouTube.

I’m looking forward to get some feedback!

Stay creative. Alexander Franke.

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As Movie Scenes may sound…

After a while now, the next album of improvised piano music found it’s way out to the WWW. It is a collection of 14 songs, which were actually supposed to be basic ideas for a soundtrack. Unfortunately they didn’t go that way: A good friend of mine, who’s a filmmaker and who basically asked me to record some piano songs, finally didn’t need these ideas. So now the songs are officially free and ready to be liked, rated and commented! Except one, all the songs are just solo piano. For the song “Caught By Truths” I used a synthetic choir and orchestra to fill the sound. The last four songs are variations of the same basic harmonic structure. They show the same main theme from different musical points of view.

As usual, I want you to tell me what’s on your mind about it, what you like, what not and maybe what you would like to hear next!

Enjoy listening and have a very nice time!

Kind regards, Alexander Franke =D

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First try to work with synthetic orchestra

At very first let me wish you all a happy and healthy new year 2010!

Today my new album “First Sounds Of The Decade” found it’s way to the WWW. With this album I tried to create something more varied but also shorter. The songs have different feelings. Some songs do contain of more than just a piano audio track. I wanted to fill the sound with drums and other synthetic instruments. But fans of the classical piano play will not be disappointed: There are solo piano tracks, too. Furthermore I added a kind of project: The last track (“Concerto Minimale”) is, as the name already tells, a short orchestra and piano song beginning with strings and co. and leading to a piano part following the introduced theme. One day I had the idea of creating a orchestral sound by just using a usually known synthesizer. Never the less all tracks are improvised: The basic orchestra melody was an improvisation. All instruments which accompany this basic track are also improvised but of course adapted to it. Because I am quite involved, I’d like to get some feedback about it to find out whether this idea is something to carry on or better not ;) .

All in all I hope you simply enjoy listening which is my only aim to reach. So have a good time and don’t forget to tell what’s your opinion!

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From The Heart – the next 13 songs

Here is my very new album ‘From The Heart’, ready for downloading now! This new work comes with two songs consisting not just of piano (first and last song). Nevertheless they are all improvised and played without preparation. Listeners who already have my previous albums will discover that the songs here are bit shorter. That’s why some people told me some song endings would be bit too long. For all the people who wrote and write recensions I want to tell THANK YOU, because for a musician, especially when we are talking about improvisations, its essential to get a feedback wether it is worth to continue or not. I hope you do also like these 13 songs and maybe you have some time to write a review!!! Thanks to all listening my music!

Anyone of us needs {ŞĺGŇŞ}

Hey people out there! Here’s my second album full of improvised music. {ŞĺGŇŞ}. But this time I tried to struckture the songs a bit. Never the less they are all played without preparation, of course ;) . So hopefully you’ll enjoy this album maybe even bit more. And please give me some feedback and tell me your opinions about my music, tell me what you think about it or simply tell what you want to say. Thanks for your time! Alex.

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‘Extemporisations’ – 1st album – feedback, wishes, opinions…

Hey people out there! That is my first album I’ve published for more people than my family and friends. So give me a feedback, opinions and other impressions you got while listening to it! The next improvised album is ‘under construction’ ;) ! So enjoy this! Thanks for your time! Alex Franke.

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